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Crawl Space Bugs, Critters, & Pests

Keeping your crawl space dry prevents unwanted pests

If you don’t control the insects and critters in your crawlspace, you will soon have to figure out how to control them in your house. Crawl space pest control is vital to protect the structure of your home and maintain a healthy indoor air quality.

The crawl space often goes uninspected for several years at a time, allowing major infestation to occur before the problem is even noticed. These pests may feed on the wood framing, damage insulation or heating ducts, and leave waste which may contain bacteria or other pathogens that can present a health hazard.

Our team has come across many different animals and insects in crawlspaces. Insects such as spiders, beetles, ants, camel crickets, termites, wasps, and hornets have been found in damp crawlspaces. Animals such as raccoons, mice, rats, snakes, opossum, cats, moles and more have been found in a dirt crawlspace. A crawlspace can be a convenient place for bugs and animals to live and reproduce.

Why do animals and insects want to live in my crawl space?

  • A crawlspace with openings and gaps into the livings space make a comfortable environment for pests to live below during the day and eat your food and trash at night.
  • A crawlspace with standing water provides water for thirsty animal or insects.
  • Damp crawlspace environments provide a perfect habitat for bugs to breed, eat and spread.
  • Leaking heating ducts provide warmth in the winter for animals to live comfortably.
  • A crawl space with wet wood framing provides an excellent food source for termites, powder post beetles, and other wood-destroying insects.

How to control critters & pests in a crawlspace

  • Call a quality pest control professional that should be able to identify the types of pest and animals that are invading your home and explain to you their behaviors in detail.
  • Make sure that the crawl space is not inviting to pests by removing excess debris that might provide food or nesting areas to pests.
  • Maintain a dry environment in your crawlspace, so that the wood framing is not suitable for wood destroying insects.

One of the best methods to prevent pest infestations is to install an encapsulation system and dehumidifier in your crawl space. Sealing the vents, drying the crawl space, and having a heavy-duty vapor barrier on the walls and floors will deter pests from entering and living in your crawlspace.

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